Easy of Use:
In just a matter of minutes our robust lightweight pop up frames create a large rigid structure on which mag-bars are fixed to accept graphic or fabric panels. Pop Up stands are simplicity itself to erect and within a very short space of time you can have a virtually seamless wall of graphics as a stunning display backdrop. you decide on the size you need and we do the rest, from table top frames to huge linked frame systems most applications can be provided for. Graphic panels can be replaced as and when your brand evolves or the message becomes dated, we can re-graphic all pop up stand systems, including Ultima Displays, Nomadic, Plex, Easy Stands, Nimlok, Framework Displays, Larson etc. Graphic panels come in a range of qualities to suit your budget with budget replacement graphic panels available from as little as £50.00 + vat per panel.
Easy to transport:
Modern Pop Up stands are manufactured from high quality lightweight components making them more portable than ever before. Frame, fittings, graphics and even lights are all contained in a tough moulded polypropylene case with wheels and grab handles and can be transported by car, train or plane to the exhibition venue. These cases are even tough enough to survive transport via overnight couriers.
Each customer and venue is unique which is why we offer a wide choice in type and size of pop up stands. Standard frames can be linked together with ‘Ghost’ panels to form 3 dimensional displays to fill any exhibiting space. Straight or curved frames can be provided along with the facility to have internal illumination, house literature displays or TV screens. To maximise use of floors-pace new ‘L’-shaped frames have been developed to help you do just that. Velcro compatible fabric panels can be specified to display lightweight products or graphics. For a fast, large display see the Hop-Up stand with it’s fabric graphic that folds away with the frame making it the quickest way to get a large wall stand erected.

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