Portable Display Stands

A portable stand offers the user many advantages over larger more complicated Custom Build or Modular System Stands. The lower price tag means much lower initial investment costs. Ideal for a ‘Shell scheme’ booths print times are also shorter, much of the hardware is kept in stock, and designs are created on templates, reducing all aspects of production time. Some display stands can be produced in a matter of days. We can formulate experiential marketing stands for exhibits that can attract the demographic you wish to market and help break social barriers.

Installation, erection and transportation is easy and quick with portable stands, they are designed with ease of use in mind. This can reduce the time and skill levels required at point of display. Portable displays are flexible enough to be used in any number of situations and environments, enabling you to re-use equipment and graphics time and time again.

Transport costs are kept to a minimum due to the compact size, and low weight, of dismantled stands. Most portable display equipment can be transported by car and in many cases can be carried on public transport.

Creating a good impression is what it’s all about to maximise return on investment, big eye-catching displays do the job masterfully – but how do you get them to the venue? Simple, our range of portable stands has been selected to provide a huge variety of shapes and sizes all designed to minimise transport difficulties and reduce the chance of damage to the screen. Folding, sectional or rolling up; the mechanics of each option might vary but they all offer the ease of transport you need to get the object to the exhibition.

Whether you’re looking for pull up banner stands, pop up stands or outdoor flag displays we can help you identify the perfect stand for your exhibition. For a free consultation or advice call us now and speak to one of the team.