Create a high end professional stand with modular framework systems. Unique tailored designs to make your brand stand out from the crowd.

To achieve the high end look and feel of a Custom Build stand A3M offer an extensive and versatile range of modular exhibition solutions which can be configured to create unique, innovative and effective stands promoting your brand and products in an eye catching and productive way. These modular systems are a viable alternative to Custom Built stands to limit the budget, retain flexibility, reduce waste and still wow the visitors.

Some of these systems come with installation and hire options others are aimed at the exhibitor looking for a self-assembly solution. All can be used with ‘Space only’ or ‘Shell scheme’ options.
Modular exhibition stands consist of a variety of standard sized interlocking components which can be installed and dismantled with a minimum amount of tools, skill or labour cost and can be easily reconfigured to fit many sizes of stand space, either within an existing shell scheme or space only area. This modular format also allows for extending and adding to the system if future requirements call for a larger display. Once your display has been dismantled it can then be packed into transportable storage containers or durable bags and stored until the next event is due.

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