With only an estimated 4 seconds to grab the attention of visitors at an exhibition your graphics need to work hard to get noticed. Lining the shell scheme walls with a graphic maximises the use of available branding space and preserves the footprint area of the stand for product display or visitor hospitality, and if done well enhances the overall impression to potential contacts.

Shell scheme booths are perhaps the most common exhibition space used and offer both opportunities and challenges. A standard shell scheme booth leaves you with plastic off-white wall panels approximately 1 metre wide separated by aluminium framework components.
Do you place graphics within the confines of the framework or go for the full coverage ‘seamless’ look? What material do you use? How do you attach the graphics?

We have tried to offer a range of options to hopefully suit every requirement and budget.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to attract visitors to your exhibition stand. Good design and quality graphics can transform a basic exhibition shell scheme or trade show booth into a stand that will draw the eye of visitors, create opportunities and win business. All our graphic printing takes place in house so you can be sure of top quality and fast delivery every time, we will also work with supplied artwork files or offer a full design back up service.

Sizes of panels are fairly consistent, but do vary from scheme to scheme – please advise us of which type of shell scheme you are exhibiting in. This information should be available in your exhibitors manual or can be supplied by the show organisers (we can talk to them on your behalf if you so wish). Our graphics are produced to suit all kinds of shell-scheme systems including octanorm, nimlock, modul, sodem, quad 4 plus many more.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for advice about your options for shell scheme graphics.


Rollable Graphics

Designed to fit within the framework of the stand walls, exact size will depend on the system in use at your show, details available from the show organisers or contained in your exhibitors manual.

Laminated prints

Printed at high resolution on quality paper these prints are overlaminated for protection and supplied with Velcro fixing strips for easy no-hassle application. Careful handling will ensure these prints will last for many shows.

  • Approx 2360 x 950mm in size (depending on shell system used)
  • Tough and durable
  • Reuseable
  • Roll-able for ease of transport
  • Cost effective solution

Self-adhesive Prints

The most cost effective print available for shell-scheme use is self-adhesive vinyl, trimmed to fit the visible area within the framework, however a degree of skill and experience is required for good results applying these graphics.

A more user friendly option is a media called ‘Easy-dot’ this is a self-adhesive matt print which is repositionable, with post-it note levels of adhesion the graphics are simple for even the novice to apply.

  • Approc 2360 x 950mm in size (depending on shell system used)
  • Roll-able for ease of transport
  • Cost effective solution

Rigid Panels

Supplied with Velcro and trimmed to fit within the visible area inside the framework a range of rigid panels are available. Transport and storage must be considered with this type of graphic, panels are almost 8 foot long, so too large and vulnerable for parcel carrier distribution.


Cost effective and durable foamex prints are one of the most popular materials used at trade shows. High resolution print onto good quality board results in great looking graphic panels.


An environmentally friendly option to plastics this product is manufactured from recycled newspaper pulp reconstituted into a 10mm thick honeycomb board which is printed using non-harmful UV inks. Fixed with Velcro strips this product looks good and makes an environmental statement at the same time.

  • Approx 2360 x 950mm in size (depending on shell system used)
  • Or approx 2400 x 1000mm for use with ‘Shell-Clad’ clips (sold separately)
  • Rigid panels for flat display
  • Tough and durable
  • Reusable

Seamless Graphics Wall

A virtuously seamless graphic wall can be achieved using ‘Shell-Clad’ clips; extruded plastic clips which fix onto the shell scheme uprights and allow graphic panels to bridge the gap between them, hiding the framework from sight.

Semi-Rigid Rollable

This product used with shell-clap clips is the most convenient and easy way to dress a shell-scheme booth. Rollable in one dimension this fluted board give the impression of being a rigid board when installed. No transport or storage issues and a first class looking display.

Rigid Graphics Panels

Shell-clad clips can also be used with any of the rigid display panels, this makes the system more cost effective, but take transport and storage into consideration if choosing this option as a van will be required

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Virtually seamless graphic presentation
  • Clips available to fit all shell schemes
  • Reuseable

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