Setting Up

• Set up all files as CMYK
• Convert any text to outlines/curves.
• Set up all files with crops and 3mm bleed on all edges unless stated otherwise
• Supply files as high quality PDFs or uncompressed JPG images
• Artwork sized A0 or under is set up at the full size required
• Artwork sized over A0 is set up at a 1/4 of the finished size
• At full size any images should be a minimum of 100dpi and a maximum of 300dpi.
• At quarter size any images should be a minimum of 300dpi and a maximum of 800dpi.

Before you submit artwork to us please check through our check list to make sure your file is set up correctly, you can download it here.

For common issues and help with specific jobs please read our Artwork submission guide available here.


We use 4, 6 or 8 colour processes, this means we cannot repoduce Pantone colours.
Any Pantone colours used will be converted to the nearest CMYK equivalent and produced as closely as possible.

If you have a specific colour you need produced please provide us with a sample.
Please be aware that you may incur a charge to colour match and that the colour may be unattainable using CMYK inks.

Please inform us if you require a deep rich black as we can check your files are set up for the best results.


We can accept most graphic files types but please be aware that some free or web based programs may not be suitable for saving out print quality files.

Please note that any artwork supplied in non-graphics based programs such as Microsoft Office may incur a charge for conversion.

Make sure your PDFs are created using Print/Press/High quality settings.
If you are unsure of what settings to use we have pre-made PDF setting files available on request.

Illustrator / Indesign Files

If supplying AI or INDD files please make sure all linked files are CMYK and either embedded or included and all text is converted to outlines/curves within these linked files.
Please advise us of any effects used as occasionally these can cause errors when printed.


Templates for all of our stands or for any split panel set ups or custom jobs you require are available on request.


Check that your files do not contain any overprints as these can cause unexpected results.
If you’re unsure if your file contains overprints please call us and we can advise on how to check.


Please let us know if you require a PDF or printed proof.
Printed proofs may incur an extra charge.

Supplying Artwork On CD/DVD:

Clearly label the CD and the files and folders with clearly understandable names.
Enclose a printed and checked hard copy of each piece of artwork. State artwork size on the hard copy for reference.

Supplying Artwork By Email:

Check that artwork sent by email is under 10Mb.
Please enclose as much relevant information regarding the artwork as possible within the email, e.g. sizes, colours, finishing, seals, etc.

For large file submission we can accept file transfer from ‘mailbigfile’, ‘WeTransfer’, ‘Dropbox’ etc.

Before you submit artwork to us please check through our check list to make sure your file is set up correctly, you can download it here.